Dedicated router with VPN IPSEC

Dedicated router with VPN IPSEC

Get your own infrastructure and manage the router, firewall and VPN IPSEC


Enterprise class router rackeable. Self managed thru web and console access

Routing, firewalling, NAT, VPN IPSEC and other capabilities

MRTG chart of bandwidth, data transfer and pps

Locations: Argentina Argentina or Colombia Colombia

Datacenter: Tier II or Tier III Plus (ISO/IEC 27001, 20000 & BCRA A-4069)

Mikrotik CCR1009-7G-1C-1S+Mikrotik CCR1009-7G-1C-1S+

Mikrotik RB3011UiAS-RMMikrotik RB3011UiAS-RM

Juniper SRX340Juniper SRX340

Network diagram

The servers are placed behind the router protecting them. IPSEC VPN connects to the company network so you can access servers from your network. With the growth of servers are added to the private network

Network diagram

Included with all packages as standard:

We provide the professional support you need to optimize your business. We have advanced technology, more than 3000 active servers and vast experience in the hosting and Cloud market dating from 2002.

Hardware Insurance

Guaranteed continuity of service. If hardware fail, we change defective hardware


Multiple World Class DataCenters located in Buenos Aires City (DC), Argentina. 99.99% uptime.

IPv6 ready

Native IPv6 routing (without tunnel) for servers. A /64 prefix is assigned per customer for free. IPv6 adoption info


Uptime 99,99%

Frequently Asked Questions

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A Dedicated Server includes technical support for connectivity, hardware, remote access. Additionally, you can hire support for the operating system and software.

You can add remote NFS  or iSCSI mounted storage for backup using operating system tools or software of your choice.

More info at

It is very fast, between 5 and 180 minutes, after completing the steps required to activate the service registration. Some services are automatically activated upon receipt of payment if you have another active service.

Yes, you can ask for the configuration you need: redundant power supply, RAID controller, SAS or SSD drives, more memory, etc. Many options can be configured from the service request or we can make a custom quote.

Linux (free), Cloud Linux and Windows Server (with additional cost). We have the most used Linux distributions such as Centos, Debian and Ubuntu Server (among others that you can request). Additionally you can choose Cloud Linux or Windows Server (several versions available).

We use top-tier hardware: HPE, Supermicro, and INTEL. Provided robust servers backed by major brands.

Yes, from the BAEHOST client area you can manage the reverse names of the dedicated IP addresses of your servers. It does it from the "rDNS Manager".

You can find more information about Dedicated Servers on our Blog:

It is a service that allows you to have your own Physical Server connected to the Internet. We install a Dedicated Server with a fixed IP address and the characteristics of the plan and we give you root or administrator access to it.

BAEHOST dedicated servers have hardware insurance. If the hardware fails we replace it to keep the server running.

A great way to have higher availability is to add a second drive and create a data mirror, also called RAID-1. In RAID-1 the data is stored on two disks and if one fails the server continues to operate and it is possible to replace the failed one. Linux and Windows Server operating systems offer software RAID, which means that the operating system takes care of this task. For operating systems that do not have this function and/or to obtain better performance, there are PCI-E hardware controllers that perform this task and have memory and battery to obtain better disk access performance.

It is very important to take into account that if you want to use SSD (solid-state) drives with hardware RAID controllers, Datacenter (DC) class SSDs are recommended since they are optimized for this type of controller.

You only have to click on the "Signup" button of the chosen plan and follow the indicated steps until you receive the order number and confirmation of payment.

Yes, you can provide web hosting and / or sell the service. We offer Cloud Servers with control panes installed, ready to provide Web hosting: cPanel, Plesk and DirectAdmin and others.