Dedicated router with VPN IPSEC

Dedicated router with VPN IPSEC

Get your own infrastructure and manage the router, firewall and VPN IPSEC

Features Dedicated router with VPN IPSEC

Enterprise class router rackeable. Self managed thru web and console access

Routing, firewalling, NAT, VPN IPSEC and other capabilities

MRTG chart of bandwidth, data transfer and pps

Datacenter: Tier II or Tier III Plus (ISO/IEC 27001, 20000 & BCRA A-4069)

Mikrotik CCR1009-7G-1C-1S+ Mikrotik CCR1009-7G-1C-1S+
Mikrotik RB2011 Mikrotik RB2011
Juniper SRX340 Juniper SRX340
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CCR1009-7G-1C-1S+ Out of stock - Ask
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RB3011UiAS-RM Out of stock - Ask
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Network diagram

The servers are placed behind the router protecting them. IPSEC VPN connects to the company network so you can access servers from your network. With the growth of servers are added to the private network

We provide the professional support you need to optimize your business. We have advanced technology, more than 1000 active servers and vast experience in the hosting market dating from 2002.

Included with all packages as standard:

Hardware Insurance

Guaranteed continuity of service. If hardware fail, we change defective hardware


Multiple World Class DataCenters located in Buenos Aires City (DC), Argentina. 99.99% uptime.

IPv6 ready

Native IPv6 routing (without tunnel) for servers. A /64 prefix is assigned per customer for free. IPv6 adoption info


Uptime 99,99%

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Dedicated router with VPN IPSEC