Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server Core

Get power and high performance dedicated servers, dedicated hardware is installed for you. SSD available taking it to the maximum speed of the market.

IPMI technology allows to know the status of the server, take data from sensors, restart and access the console, among other functions

Supermicro INTEL Server


Power and high performance with dedicated Hardware. SSD available

Linux, CloudLinux, Windows Server*, Proxmox VE, ESXi free

Dedicated symmetric + burst connectivity

iKVM: Console (Video, Keyboard and Mouse)

Root or administrator user access without restrictions

IPMI + iKVM + Reboot

Locations: Argentina Argentina or Colombia Colombia

Datacenter: Tier II or Tier III Plus (ISO/IEC 27001, 20000 & BCRA A-4069)

Dedicated Server XEON

From $87.94 monthly

HPE & Supermicro powered


Dedicated Server Core

From $66.94 monthly

Supermicro powered

Server INTEL Core

Dedicated Server Value

From $45 monthly

INTEL powered

Server INTEL Value

Prices in united states dollars (USD). Payment methods.

Dedicated Server

Dedicated servers of optimum performance and dedicated processing INTEL Business Class equipped with SSD disks located in Argentina, Buenos Aires.