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Cloud SMTP

Mass mailing plans allow you to have an dedicated cloud SMTP mail server so you can make all your shipments smoothly. This service is ideal for those applications that send automatic in large volumes, such as security cameras and collection systems, among others.


Dedicated SMTP server

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Frequently Asked Questions

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You need a registered and working domain, a working DNS service to configure the necessary DNS records for the domain, and an application or email client to do the sending.

It is a gateway SMTP (or SMTP Gateway) that allows you to send emails. You are provided with a fixed IP address together with an SMTP username and password so that you can send from your application or delivery system.

You only have to click on the "Signup" button of the chosen plan and follow the indicated steps until you receive the order number and confirmation of payment.

It is very fast, between 5 and 180 minutes, after completing the steps required to activate the service registration. Some services are automatically activated upon receipt of payment if you have another active service.