Cloud Firewall + antiDDoS

Cloud Firewall

Cloud Firewall with antiDDOS protects and limits incoming connections. It allows establishing security rules, filtering by protocols, IP address, source and / or destination ports. It also allows to limit the speed in each rule. This solution combines anti-DOS network protection together with a firewall that allows to control the connections before they enter the customer service, thus containing unwanted traffic.

Technology Juniper Networks


Incomming connections firewall

Simple management from our customer area

Protects servers IP addresses

Allow, deny and limit speed

Mitigation and barrier against DDoS attacks

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Easy Rules

From the client area, you can create rules to allow or deny incoming connections to the IP addresses of your services. Additionally, it allows to limit the connection speed.

Cloud Firewall

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>Easy Rules

Allow, deny and limit speed


Multiple World Class DataCenters located in Buenos Aires City (DC), Argentina. 99.99% uptime.

Cloud Firewall

Protects servers IP addresses


Uptime 99,99%

Frequently Asked Questions

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It is a network edge level firewall service that filters incoming connections. Protects the addresses of the contracted services. A Cloud Firewall service is required for each location of the services (datacenter). From the client area the rules are established to allow, degenerate or limit the speed of the connections by filtering by protocol, IP and source port and IP and destination port.