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Technology VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus & VMware vCloud Director
High availability cluster architecture (VMware HA & DRS)
24x7x365 Monitoring
Resource utilization charts
CPU 4 vcores Xeon expandable
64 Bits
RAM memory 2 GB expandable
Virtual Machines 4
Max cores per VM 4
CPU Core speed 2.20 GHz
Max RAM per VM 2
Windows Server Standard & Linux
Max disk size 400 GB
Storage 400 GB Raid SAS+SSD expandable
Storage Fibre Channel SAN
Cache SSD
Transfer Sin limite
Bandwidth 30 mbps symmetrical expandable
Burst 100 mbps (5120 KB Burst size)
Backbone 1 gbps
Public IPv4 2 expandable
Public IPv6 prefix IPv6 /64
PTR record, IP reverse
Private networks VXLAN
NSX Edge Gateway SP Base
Routing, firewalling, DHCP, NAT, VPN IPSEC
Remote access VMware vCloud Director (Web Console)
vCloud API
Organization administrator privileges
VM, vApp, network, firewall, router management
Catalog management (VM templates and ISO images)
Catalog item uploads and downloads (VM, ISO) 100 GB
VM, vApp, network, firewall, router management
Remote reboot/power on from vCloud Director
Remote console: remote video, keyboard and mouse (out-of-band)
Bitnami Template - Preconfigured VMs
BAEHOST Template - Preconfigured VMs
.ISO Installation media library


$59.40 /m*
*in annual payment, includes 10% discount

$66 monthly

Prices in united states dollars (USD). Prices may change without notice. Plans subject to stock and technical availability. E & OE.

Billing periods

Minimum contract time according to billing periord available






$64.35 /m*
*in 3 months payment, includes 2.50% discount



$62.70 /m*
*in semiannual payment, includes 5% discount



$59.40 /m*
*in annual payment, includes 10% discount

Frequently Asked Questions

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VMware is the market´s best virtualizer and is used by the premium companies that require specific solutions, high performance, safety and sustainability.
It is a service that lets you have your own data center connected to the Internet. Using VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus and VMware vCloud Director technology, BAEHOST divided high-end equipment in Virtual DataCenter also called VDC (Virtual Data Center) VDCs within virtual machines (VM or VPS) run. With this virtualization technique, every DataCenter and each virtual machine has its own dedicated resources and operating system providing greater control, flexibility and higher levels of reliability and performance compared. The Virtual Data Center BAEHOST are oriented towards stronger resources and intensive applications, with dynamic redundancy. Consequently, this type of solution offers enterprise-level virtualization.
vCloud Director is a development of VMware vCloud for bundle suite. vCloud Director virtual servers BAEHOST provides access to the server console, with a direct connection to the monitor and keyboard without using the server network, and allows restart, off and on remotely. You can access vCloud Director from an Internet browser: requires username and password, and access is through a secure connection.
INTEL XEONHigh-performance servers with Intel Xeon E5 processors and Intel HT Technology and Intel VT virtualization exclusive. ECC RAM high speed, redundant power supply and SSDs. Thanks to this, the virtual servers run faster, and are more stable and secure.
Storage Fibre Channel dual network multipath (MPIO), with redundant fiber optic switches and SAS disks in RAID 10 with SSD cache. This provides a higher speed read and write (IOPS) to access to the disk of virtual servers. 100% redundant: in case of disk failure, it is replaced transparently to the customer.
You can connect to DataCenter using the single VMware vCloud console (created especially for each client) accessing special URL. This access does not use the server network (out of band). Allows for direct access to video / monitor, keyboard and mouse VM (such as KVM), create, share, assign resources to mount CDs, reboot, shutdown, start and stop virtual servers within the datacenter. Allowing users to create and assign permissions within the DataCenter. Also you prune using the network access server (in band) by SSH for Linux or Remote Desktop for Windows RDP servers.
The Virtual DataCenter has a DMZ network (private IP addresses) which connected servers and an external network (public IP addresses). Internet connectivity is done with a firewall that manages safety rules and Conetica Internet using NAT with vCloud Networking and Security (vShield Edge). It also allows use DHCP service on the DMZ network, create IPSEC site to site VPNs to connect your company network and remote virtual DataCenter job and perform load balancing across virtual servers DataCenter.
Yes, you can create virtual machines with Microsoft Windows Server, and the service includes the Microsoft operating system license. Also you can create virtual machines "free" Linux existing license. Virtual machine templates have Windows Server and Linux available,or you can install them from the CD or corresponding DVD. How many virtual machines can I create? You can create the maximum amount allowed by the plan, always within the resources (CPU, disk space and RAM) plan.
You can create the maximum amount allowed by the plan, always within the resources (CPU, disk space and RAM) of the plan.
Yes, you can upload your VMs, ISOs and files. For ISO ask you prune which you need support. If your VMs or files are heavy, you prune send them on DVD or USB drive and copy it to your DataCenter.
Yes, if it´s legal or free and can be supported by the server operating system. We will provide the Microsoft licenses legally.
At any time and without having to reinstall the operating system, you can switch to a higher plan, which enables you to gain more RAM, CPU and disk space. IP addresses and connectivity can be added individually.
Totally, since you're the only one who has the key administrator. VMware technology creates individual virtual machines, unlike the VPS, do not share the base operating system. This provides a safe environment and allows access only to your virtual machine.
Yes, you can provide Web hosting and / or reselling the service. We offer virtual servers with installed control panels, ready to provide Web hosting: cPanel, Plesk and DirectAdmin and others.
Hiring a virtual datacenter includes support connectivity, hardware, remote access and vCloud platform. Additionally, you can recruit support for the operating system and software.
Just click once on the "ORDER" button of the chosen plan.
It is very fast: between 5 and 180 minutes after completing the steps required to activate the service.
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