Plan prices, billing periords and technicals details Web Hosting 5-Pack

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Hosting accounts 5
Web hosting accounts plan Inicial
WEB Sites 5
Main site
Service domain account
Storage 60 GB
Transfer 300 GB
Unlimited domains
Build your own hosting plans
Resources per account CPU 1 CORE, RAM 512MB, IO 1MB/s, IOPS 1024, NPROC 250, INODES 250000
Guaranteed resources LVE / IIS APP Pool
Control Panel
White label DNS


$15 monthly

Prices in united states dollars (USD). Prices may change without notice. Plans subject to stock and technical availability. E & OE.

Billing periods

Minimum contract time according to billing periord available






2.49% discount



5% discount



50% discount

Frequently Asked Questions

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All plans have MySQL databases. If you need Microsoft SQL Server, you'll need to select a .NET plan.

It is a service that allows you to put your website online so that all people can access it through the Internet.
Using state-of-the-art technology and powerful servers in the Cloud, we generate a world-class web hosting service.
It also includes email boxes with antivirus and antispam, FTP accounts to access the content and SQL databases to use with the website, among other features.

It is very fast, between 5 and 180 minutes, after completing the steps required to activate the service registration. Some services are automatically activated upon receipt of payment if you have another active service.

You need a .NET plan to run .NET or ASP code. It also includes SQL server.

The choice of the Web Hosting platform is very important, and it does not depend on the computer you use or the web development program. The choice indicates on which platform your website will be published and run on the Internet, and will only depend on whether your site needs to run .NET or ASP code, or if it requires a Microsoft SQL Server database. If not, the choice of PHP (Linux) is appropriate. For example, if your website is pure HTML and/or PHP you should choose PHP.

You can access using a POP3/IMAP client like Outlook, Windows Mail, Thunderbird or others. Remember that the POP3 protocol downloads the emails to the device and the IMAP protocol leaves the emails on the server (recommended if the account is configured on several devices) or through the web, using our webmail (access in webmail.DOMAIN) through any computer and without the need to install any software or make configurations. Email accounts can also be accessed from smartphones and other devices.

Every time you make an annual payment for the Cloud Web Hosting service you get the discount.

You only have to click on the "Signup" button of the chosen plan and follow the indicated steps until you receive the order number and confirmation of payment.

You can find more information about Web Hosting on our Blog:

All plans have unlimited accounts. You can create as many email accounts (@yourdomain) as you need.

You can connect to external API services that use HTTP (TCP/80) and HTTPS (TCP/443) ports. Other ports are not allowed for security reasons.